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Carpeting gets dirty. Kids, pets, daily life – it all adds up.

Looking at getting yours cleaned?

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Northwest Seattle Rug Shampooers and Cleaners

You can have a full time rug cleaner to your home or business within days.

What’s down in your rugs? A commercial cleaner can get rid of pet hair, dust mites, allergens and accumulated dirt.

It’s not going to make your rugs new again, but it’s going to make you feel better about them.

Reliable Carpet Cleaners Near Ballard

What you end up paying for rug cleaning services will most likely not vary very much from one company to the next one.

Prices are regularly charged by the room, with extra charges added for furniture or area rugs.

With this type of transparent pricing, you should know in advance what your final bill will be before the job is begun.

Receive a Rug Cleaning Price Quote Near Crown Hill

If you want to receive a cost quote for your King County house, just call the number down below.

If you have a minute – call. Someone will answer all your questions and provide you with a quote.

Do I Need to Have a Pro Do It? What About Renting a Rug Cleaner?

Why not do it on your own? You can rent a rug shampoo machine and do the job on your own.

Washing your carpets isn’t the most complicated project you’ll ever take on, but some people screw up.

Somebody who has never done this type of task before will sometimes make a mistake in one of two areas.

It’s easy for beginning users to accidentally spray too much water onto their rug. Occasionally the pad as well as the wood underlay becomes soaked.

Additionally, other users attempt to remove a bad stain but turn out discoloring the area.

What a Professional Cleaner Can Do For You

Below are some of the key benefits of hiring a professional service:

  • Get a deeper clean than a rented shampooer can
  • No cleaner residue – not harmful to children or pets
  • Deep cleaning process takes out compacted dirt and pet dander
  • Best way to tackle pet odors
  • Steam cleaner dries quick
  • No irritating solution odors left afterwards
  • No bad chemicals, just green products

What Else Can Be Cleaned?

If you want, your technician can also tackle furniture or area rugs.

Couches and chairs can get pretty dirty when you have pets or kids. Your cleaner can freshen them up.

Removing Cat or Dog Stains

We love our pets. But sometimes they make a mess in the house. They can be tough to get rid of.

Cat and dog accidents can generally get cleaned successfully. But when a pet uses the exact same spot frequently, the probability of returning that spot back to brand new condition again diminishes dramatically.

Dog and cat urine spots can wreck a carpet. Repeated soiling can ruin the rug and even affect the pad underneath.

In bad situations, even a commercial shampoo will only cover up the odor for a short period.

Friendly Appointments Based On Your Schedule

Most appointments are Monday through Friday, during the day.

If you can’t be at home during the day, a Weekend or night call might be arranged.

If you need your rugs cleaned up quickly, they will do their best to arrange a rapid service visit.

Schedule your appointment and get it dealt with.

Chat With Friendly Seattle Cleaners in Your Area

A good cleaner understands how to deep clean your rugs without making them too wet. All that old dust, dirt and pet hair gets eliminated.

Services are available all over the greater Ballard area at private homes, apartment buildings or commercial buildings.

Let’s Get Started

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Typical customers are families in this area of Seattle, particularly Loyal Heights, Olympic Manor, Blue Ridge, Crown Hill, North Beach, Whittier Heights or Sunset Hill.


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