Burbank Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet not looking so great these days?

Is it time to have yours cleaned?

A helpful and competent cleaner can help you out with that.

Professional Cleaners in the San Fernando Valley

A knowledgeable cleaner will take on your rugs with the latest and best natural products.

Having your rugs professionally cleaned can pull away pet hair, accumulated dirt and bacteria.

Moving all that compressed hair, dirt and dust out of your house is going to make you feel much better about your carpets.

Affordable Burbank Rug Cleaners

Prices deviate somewhat between companies in our part of SoCal, but the end cost of a cleaning job is pretty consistent from one cleaning service to the next.

Your cost is based mostly on how many rooms you want cleaned. Further charges are added for upholstery or extra throw rugs.

Most local cleaning services have in advance pricing, so you have an estimate before the work even starts.

Get Your Rug Cleaning Price Quote

You can learn what the price for your home might be. Cleaning services are still pretty affordable around Southern California.

It’s simple to receive an estimate for your home. All you need to do is call. They will just need to find out what size your job will be.

What About a Rental Cleaner? Can I Try To Do it Myself?

If you need to, you could go out and get one of those rental rug shampoo machines. Then you simply do it yourself.

It isn’t hard to work one of those rented rug shampooers. But the first time you use one you could do something wrong fairly easily.

There are two areas where first time users go wrong the most frequently.

Some beginning users end up spraying too much liquid detergent and water straight into their rug. The pad and wood underneath may remain wet for several days.

Other beginning users try to get a stain out, but end up making the stained spot discolored.

A Professional Carpet Cleaner Provides Several Advantages

A commercial service is better than doing the work on your own in several ways:

  • Cleans better than rented machines can
  • No unwanted cleaner smells left afterwards
  • Best hope for big stain removal
  • Floors dry quickly
  • No residue – safe for kids and pets
  • Deep cleaning washes away bacteria and dust mites
  • No bad chemicals, just green products

Upholstery and Area Rug Cleaning

If you want them to clean more than your carpets, just ask.

When we have kids and inside pets, our upholstered furniture can get a bit dirty in many different ways. Your cleaner will freshen them up too.

Removing Dog or Cat Stains

It can be really hard to get pet stains and odors out of rugs, especially when those stains have time to really set in.

Dog or cat accidents can often be removed successfully. But when your pet uses the same spot several times, the probability of returning that spot back to new condition again decreases.

There sometimes comes a point when cat and dog urine odors can’t get removed. If a cat has routinely soiled one spot, the pad and even the wood underneath may be ruined.

Shampooing the rug might help a little, but won’t make it like new.

Why Not Get an Appointment Scheduled

Weekdays are when most appointments happen. But they can often be flexible with an early evening or Saturday visit.

If you need help soon, they attempt to get to your home quickly.

Get a fast appointment. Learn what your options are.

Helpful Cleaners Near Your Neighborhood

A good technician is able to deep clean your floor coverings without getting them too wet. All that old dust, dirt and hair gets extracted.

They can clean up any property – a single family home, commercial or apartment building. Any size too.

Who Should You Call First?

Call and talk to an expert who is able to help.

Call if you’re somewhere in the metro area, the central business district, Toluca Woods, Toluca Lake, Wildwood Canyon Park to Glendale and Universal City.

Appointments can be scheduled in most of the suburbs – Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Lake Balboa, Encino, North Hollywood, Reseda, Panorama City and North Hills, Pacoima, San Fernando, Sun Valley, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Winnetka, West Hills and Woodland Hills.


These Technicians Work in Areas Like:

  • Downtown Metro Burbank
  • Toluca Woods and Toluca Lake
  • All the suburbs too


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