Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning Near Chino California

Do you have a dirty carpet?

Looking to get yours cleaned?

Talk with a friendly local cleaner who can help.

Cleaning Service South of Ontario

You can get a trained, pet friendly steam cleaner to your house or commercial property.

A good penetrating clean takes out stains, dog and cat dander and old dirt.

A thorough steam and vacuum will take out a lot of the built up dirt and scents. Your carpets will look and smell better.

Dependable Rug Cleaner in Chino Hills

While there are some exceptions, many Southern California services charge nearly the same amount for a similar cleaning job.

Most job costs are competitive with one another.

Base prices are estimated by the number of rooms to be cleaned. Extra charges might be added for pieces of furniture or other upgrades.

You can know what your fee will be before the work is even started at your place. Credit cards are accepted too.

Area Rug Cleaning Price Estimates

Rug cleaning service around SoCal is not typically too expensive. But lots of people like to hear the cost before they get started.

They would be glad to give you a complete estimate for your house. It will include basic cleaning plus any options you might be thinking about.

What About a Rental Machine? Can I Try it On My Own?

There are places that rent these rug shampoo machines. You can pick one up and do the work yourself.

These rented machines aren’t hard to use, so you might do a good job. There are a few tricky areas, however, where a beginner might run into a problem.

Someone who has never done this work before will occasionally make a mistake in one of two areas.

It’s easy for beginning users to mistakenly shoot way too much water onto their rug. Occasionally the pad as well as the wood underlay will get soaked.

Additionally, other users try and get rid of a bad stain but turn out discoloring the area.

Why Many Homeowners Call Professional Carpet Cleaners

You can rent a carpet shampoo machine and do it yourself, but there are benefits to calling a professional:

  • Cleans better than a rental machine can
  • No leftover residue – safe for pets and kids
  • Deep clean removes old dirt and pet dander
  • Best way to handle big stains
  • Rugs dry faster
  • No annoying soap smells left behind
  • Green cleaning products

More Than Dirty Carpets

Once your wall to wall carpeting is finished, they could turn their focus to any upholstery or area rugs if you choose to.

Couches and chairs get lots of use. And when you have pets or kids – some of that furniture is probably a little dirty.

They will give those items a detailed clean.

Getting Rid of Cat or Dog Urine Odors and Stains

Dog or cat stains are one of the most challenging stains to get rid of. Homeowners have varying levels of success eliminating them. Sometimes they will come out; sometimes they do not.

Single mishaps can generally get cleaned successfully, but places that were hit multiple times may not.

Cat and dog urine odors can totally damage a rug. When they repeatedly soil a certain area, the pad will get too soiled and it will not ever get better.

Shampooing the spot may help, but it will not be like new.

An Appointment With a Dependable Pro

The majority of appointments happen on a weekday. They may usually cater to a homeowner who needs an evening or weekend visit.

Service calls can generally be set up pretty quickly.

Why not get those rugs cleaned up.

Pleasant and Professional Services in Your Suburb

Your rugs will get deep cleaned with the latest electric cleaners and the latest all natural products.

They don’t care what size your project is. And they can work with homeowners, renters or business owners.

Get Your Appointment

A quick phone call is a good place to start.

Help is available in the local neighborhoods close to Prada Regional Park, Chino Town Square, Ruben Ayala Park, Chino Hills, Shoppes at Chino Hills, Spectrum Towne Center, Ruben Ayala High School and Chino Airport.


Services are Available in These Neighborhoods

  • Prada Regional Park
  • Chino Hills CA
  • Ruben Ayala
  • Chino Airport
  • All Chino California suburbs
  • Other areas south of Ontario and Pomona


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