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North Rug and Furniture Cleaners

Get your floor coverings steam cleaned.

No harmful chemicals and no soap residue left behind.

What exactly is in your rugs?

A commercial cleaner will get rid of pet hair, dust mites, allergy irritants and old dirt.

A steam shampoo and vacuum is going to make your surfaces seem a lot cleaner and nicer.

Reasonable Prices on Carpet Cleaning Near Emeryville

Costs deviate somewhat between companies in our part of the Bay Area, but the final cost of a cleaning job is pretty standard from one service to the next.

Regular pricing is based on the number of rooms. The more rooms you want worked on – the higher the cost.

Any upgrades and upholstery are additional.

Unless you have an unusual situation, you’ll know what your price will be before the work even starts.

North Oakland Rug Cleaning Prices and Quotes

Most homeowners in our section of the East Bay are curious about what their cost might be.

They would be happy to provide you with a complete estimate for your home.

It would include basic deep cleaning plus any options you might be interested in having done.

Can I Clean Them Myself?

If you wish to save a little money, you can rent a shampoo machine and try to do the job yourself.

The overall shampooing operation is not hard, but it can be difficult to do it perfectly if you haven’t done it before.

Beginners tend to make mistakes in one or two areas quite often.

First, it’s hard to gauge how much water and soap you’re releasing onto your carpet, so some people end up with a soaked rug or pad.

Second, other individuals attempt to eliminate a stain but wind up discoloring the rug.

Why Have a Pro Clean At Your House

Here are several of the key benefits of hiring a professional cleaner:

  • Strong but eco friendly solutions
  • Deep cleaning process washes away dirt and dust mites
  • No detergent residue – no harm to kids or pets
  • No bad solution odors left behind
  • Steam cleaned floors dry fast
  • Cleans more thorough than a rental machine can
  • Best hope for stain elimination

How About Dirty Couches or Chairs?

Because they are already at your house, if you want to have a chair or couch cleaned up, they could do that.

Kids and pets are hard on our chairs and couches.

If you want, your technician can vacuum and clean yours up at the same time they do your floor coverings.

Cat or Dog Odors and Stains

When a cat or dog has soiled a rug, those odors and stains are often hard to get rid of.

Cat and dog accidents can generally be washed successfully.

But when a pet uses the exact same spot frequently, the probability of returning that spot back to new condition again decreases rapidly.

Sometimes a professional cleaning will correct your issue, but other times the problem can’t be eliminated.

When a pet frequently soils the same spot, the pad underneath can get fully soiled and ruined.

Shampooing it might help for a little while, but it can’t make the rug and pad new again.

An Appointment With a Reliable Cleaning Pro

A lot of appointments take place during regular weekday hours. After hours and weekend visits can be arranged.

Quick appointments because of accidents are often available too.

Why not set up a service visit with a friendly technician?

Why Not Get Your CA Carpets Cleaned Up

Experienced technicians understand how to really clean deep without making your pad wet.

They can remove smells and pet particles and even some stains and spots.

It doesn’t matter what size your potential job is or what sort of building you have.

They maintain homes, apartments and commercial buildings.

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