Fontana Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Carpeting not looking so great?

Want to do something about it?

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Natural Area Rug Cleaner Near You

A reliable cleaner can be at your door soon. You pick what time is right for you.

What exactly is in your carpets? A commercial cleaner can get rid of years of pet hair, dust mites, allergy irritants and old dirt.

A quality vacuuming and washing won’t make your carpeting new again, but it will help to make them look and smell better.

Reliable Fontana Rug Cleaners

Many companies in our part of Southern California offer competitive rates.

A few services charge a little more and a few ask for a bit less, but most are basically in the same simple price range.

Standard pricing is by the number of rooms. The more rooms you have – the higher the cost. Any upgrades or upholstery are extra.

Most services have upfront pricing. This way, you will know the cost before the work is started.

Inland Empire Carpet Cleaning Prices and Estimates

Rug and upholstery cleaning in SoCal is still rather affordable. You can find out what the price might be for your home.

When you get a minute, make a call. They will answer any questions and provide you with a work quote.

Can I Shampoo it Myself to Save Some Money?

If you’re ambitious, you could go and rent a rug shampooing machine and work on your floors yourself.

It isn’t difficult to operate one of these rented rug cleaners. But the first time you use one you can do one thing wrong fairly easily.

An experienced technician knows how to complete the job properly without drenching your carpet and pad or making a bad stain worse.

What a Professional Cleaner Can Do For You

What are the advantages of calling a professional service? Here’s a few:

  • Cleans more thoroughly than a rented machine can
  • No leftover residue – safe for pets and kids
  • Deep clean takes away dirt and pet hair
  • Best way to get rid of old stains
  • Steam cleaned floors dry fast
  • No strong solution smells left afterwards
  • Uses best natural cleaning solutions

Furniture Can Get Dirty Too

Because they are already at your house, if you want to have a chair or couch cleaned up, they could do that too.

They can thoroughly vacuum and hand clean those chairs or couches when they get soiled from kids or pets.

Dog or Cat Stain Removal

If there is one or two dog or cat odors or stains in your house, you know how difficult they can be to clean up.

Rug cleaners are usually effective in getting rid of single pet stains and odors.

But when a dog or cat soils the same areas more than once, that’s when it becomes difficult.

There will come a time when dog or cat urine odors can’t be removed. Sometimes the soiling problem goes all the way through to the padding underneath too.

In the worst situations, even a commercially performed treatment will only cover up the odor for a short period of time.

Why Not Get an Appointment Set Up

While most appointments are during traditional work hours, early evening and weekend visits are possible.

Appointments can generally be arranged pretty quickly.

You can receive some good info right on the phone. Find out what your options are.

Everybody Likes Clean Rugs

Trained technicians understand how to clean down deep without getting your pad soaked. They can eliminate odors and pet dirt and even some spots and stains.

They don’t care what size your job is or what sort of property you have.

They maintain homes, apartments or commercial buildings.

Get Your Convenient Appointment

A brief call will provide you with some good help.

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