Hollywood Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services

Carpeting gets dirty. Kids, pets, everyday living – it adds up.

Wanna make yours look nice again?

Get your job done right and at a good price as well.

Hollywood Hills Area Rug Cleaners

Get your floor coverings steam cleaned. No harmful chemicals and no soapy residue left behind.

Regularly having a professional rug cleaner come to your house can get rid of years of dust, dirt, pet hair and odors.

Nobody can turn your carpets new again, but you could do the next best thing.

Good Prices on Rug Cleaning Close to Hollywood

The majority of companies in the LA area charge about the same price for cleaning rugs. They will fluctuate a little, but they’re fairly similar to one another.

The price you pay will depend on the number of rooms you are having done.

Working on upholstery or area rugs are an added cost too if you want them gone over.

There is upfront pricing, you’ll know what the cost will be at the start. All payment types accepted too.

Rug Cleaning Price Quote

If you want your rugs cleaned up, you can get somebody to your SoCal house whenever you want.

They’re ready to provide you with a quote and answer whatever questions you have. Book an appointment if you want to.

Renting My Own Machine

If you need to try renting a shampoo machine and doing the job yourself, it will generally save you a bit of money.

You don’t need to be a real rocket scientist to clean your rugs with a rented machine, but lots of folks end up making a blunder they will later regret.

Beginners can make mistakes. The most widespread mistake is releasing too much water and liquid detergent into the rug and pad. The pad can stay wet for several days.

The other problem is stain removal. Homeowners sometimes work to get a bad stain out but wind up discoloring the area they were working on.

Professional Cleaners Bring Several Advantages

Seven benefits of a professional cleaning service:

  • No soap residue – not harmful to children or pets
  • No unwanted soap odors left afterwards
  • Green products – No bad chemicals
  • Best way to take on pet stains
  • Cleans more thoroughly than a rental machine can
  • Floors dry fast
  • Penetrating clean removes bacteria and dust mites

What About Area Rugs or Upholstery?

In addition to wall to wall carpets, they can also handle your area rugs, couches and chairs.

When you have kids and pets, it’s not your fault if your couch or chair looks a little dirty. It’s going to happen.

They will help clean them up.

Dog or Cat Odor Cleaning

If there is one or more cat or dog stains or odors at your house, you probably know just how difficult they can be to clean up.

In most circumstances, affected areas may be successfully cleaned up. But spots that were used multiple times can be difficult to clean up completely.

Sometimes dog and cat urine odors can’t get taken out or covered up.

Sometimes the issue extends underneath to the pad too. Shampooing the rug might only help a little.

Handy Appointments in Your Hollywood Heights Neighborhood

Weekdays are the most popular time for appointments.

They can often take care of most homeowners who want a weekend or nighttime appointment.

They try to keep an available work schedule, so emergency appointments may be set up quickly.

Maybe their service would be just right for you. Call and find out.

Who Doesn’t Appreciate a Clean Rug?

Knowledgeable cleaners, working with the latest products and equipment, can remove deep dirt, pet dander and whatever else is down there.

It doesn’t matter what size your job is or what sort of property you have.

They handle apartments, single homes and commercial buildings.

Where To Get Started

A quick phone call will provide you with some advice and help.

Help is obtainable in the California neighborhoods of Hollywood Hills and Hollywood Heights.


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