Mid City Rug & Carpet Cleaning Service

How’s that carpet of yours looking these days?

Wish you could get yours cleaned?

Let’s get the job done right and at a nice price also.

Professional Cleaners in Los Angeles

Knowledgeable rug cleaners are able to take on just about any dirty flooring or upholstery issue you have.

A complete cleaning can extract stains, odors, old dirt and dust mites.

A commercial vacuuming and washing won’t make your rug new again, but it’ll help make them look and smell better.

Mid City Affordable Rug Cleaners

While there are some exceptions, most local services charge about the same rate for a similar cleaning job.

Most rates are competitive with one another.

Your cost will depend mostly on the number of rooms you want cleaned. Added charges are added for upholstery or additional throw rugs.

You will learn what your charge will be right upfront. All types of payment are fine too.

Rug Cleaning Cost Estimate South of Mid Wilshire

Rug cleaning is a service that is not too expensive here in Los Angeles. Still, most people like to know what the typical cost is before they arrange an appointment.

It’s simple to get an estimate for your house. All you need to do is call. They will just need to find out what size your project will be.

Renting a Machine and Doing it Myself

Why not do it yourself? You can rent a rug cleaner machine and finish the work yourself.

The overall cleaning operation isn’t hard, but it can be difficult to do it just right if you have never done it before.

A newcomer on one of these rented machines may make a few mistakes.

The easiest miscalculation is permitting too much water and detergent to soak into the rug and pad. Your padding might stay wet for several days or even longer.

Other users attempt to get rid of a stain and they end up discoloring it.

What Are the Features Professional Cleaners Provide?

Seven features of a professional shampoo service:

  • No unwanted detergent odor left behind
  • No leftover residue – no harm to pets or kids
  • Floors dry quickly
  • Green cleaning products
  • Best way to handle big stains
  • Penetrating cleaning takes out compacted dirt and allergens
  • Cleans more thoroughly than rental machines can

Upholstery or Area Rugs

If you want them to do more than just your carpets, let them know.

If you have kids or pets, it’s not your fault when your couch or chair gets a little dirty. It’s going to happen.

They will help clean them up.

Getting Rid of Dog or Cat Stains

If you have tried to remove dog or cat urine odors and stains, you know how challenging that can be.

In most cases, if an animal has had an accident inside the house, that spot can get successfully washed out.

But if your cat or dog hits the same spot more than once, removing the odor becomes much harder.

There are times when cat or dog urine odors and spots can’t get pulled out. When a rug is soiled several times, it can quickly damage the rug and the pad beneath it.

Getting it shampooed could help for a little while, but it won’t make it like new again.

Make a Simple Appointment

Weekdays are when many of the appointments happen. But they can be flexible with an early night or Saturday visit.

If you need your rugs worked on quickly, they can do their best to arrange a rapid service visit.

Service is easy to schedule. A quick call lets you ask any question you have.

Get Those Rugs Looking Good Again

You can have your rugs and upholstery looking good and smelling great again.

Each operator is properly trained and knows how to deliver a deep cleaning without leaving your rugs or the pad underneath drenched.

They will serve all types of properties – commercial or residential. Any size job as well.

No Time Like Right Now – Why Not Phone?

Call for a quote and a little more information.

The right cleaner for folks in the California communities of Baldwin Hills, Baldwin Vista, Jefferson, West Adams, Liemert Park, Crenshaw or USC.


A Few of the Local Areas Served

  • Baldwin Hills
  • Baldwin Vista
  • Jefferson
  • West Adams
  • Liemert Park
  • Crenshaw
  • USC


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