Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Orange CA

Got a dirty carpet?

Wanna get it cleaned?

If you’re willing to get them cleaned up again – they can help.

Rug Shampoo and Deep Cleaning Northeast of Santa Ana

You can have a reliable rug cleaner to your home or business in no time.

A professional cleaner with high quality equipment can take out built up dirt, allergy causing dust, mites and even other very small insects.

Nobody can turn your rugs new again, but you could do the next best thing.

Reliable Carpet Cleaners in Orange

Most companies offer competitive rates.

A few companies charge a bit more and some ask for a bit less, but most are basically in the same simple price range.

Starting prices are estimated by the number of rooms to be worked on. Added charges can be added for upholstery or other upgrades.

Most projects will be finished with the price known upfront before the work is even begun.

Pro Carpet Cleaning Estimates in Orange County

Many homeowners in our area of Southern California are curious about what the cost would be.

They can provide you with a complete quote based on how big your cleaning project will be.

What About a Rental? Can I Try To Do it Myself?

If you want to, you could go and pick up one of those rental rug shampoo machines. Then you simply do it by yourself.

It isn’t hard to operate one of these rental rug shampooers. But the first time you try using one you can do one thing wrong pretty easily.

An experienced specialist knows how to complete the task correctly without drenching your carpet and pad or making a small stain even worse.

Good Reasons to Think About a Professional Cleaning Service

Most homeowners would rather have a professional do the work. Here’s why:

  • Best hope for deep stain removal
  • Green cleaning products
  • Cleans more thoroughly than a rented machine can
  • Deep clean takes out old dirt and allergens
  • Steam cleaned floors dry fast
  • No lasting solution odors left afterwards
  • No detergent residue – no harm to pets or kids

Upholstery or Area Rugs

A majority of their efforts are done on carpeting, but area rugs, couches and chairs can get some attention too.

When you’ve got pets or kids, your upholstered furniture could be needing some cleaning too. They can do that.

Removal of Cat and Dog Stains or Odors

Indoor pet stains can be tough to take out. Some homeowners have success at trying it, but others don’t.

The rare incident will usually get treated successfully. But if your cat soils the same spot repeatedly, it’s very difficult to get it thoroughly clean.

There are times when cat or dog urine smells and stains can’t be eliminated. When a rug is used several times, it can quickly damage the rug and the padding beneath it.

Having it shampooed might help for a short time, but it won’t make it like new condition again.

Quick Appointments in Your Area

Sessions for service are generally during typical weekday hours. Early evening and weekend visits are available in some cases.

Fast service visits are usually possible as well.

Get those carpets like new again.

Helpful Specialists Around the OC

Local experienced technicians can vacuum and shampoo your carpets and upholstery.

If you’re a homeowner, renter or business property owner, they are ready for working with you.

How Should I Get Started?

Phone for help and advice. If you want – set up an appointment.

Get started if you live south of Anaheim Hills or in the areas near El Modena, Orange Park Acres, Santiago Oaks Park, Villa Park, The Outlets at Orange, The Village at Orange or really, any community northeast of Santa Ana.


Working All Over the Metro in Areas Like:

  • El Modena
  • Orange Park Acres
  • Santiago Oaks Park or Villa Park
  • The Outlets or The Village At Orange
  • NE of Santa Ana
  • South of Anaheim Hills
  • All the Orange California suburbs


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