Dependable Carpet and Rug Cleaning in Santa Ana

Every once in awhile, your carpeting should be professionally vacuumed and shampooed.

Wanna have yours cleaned?

They’re all set to help whenever you want it.

Rug and Furniture Cleaners in Orange County

Knowledgeable rug cleaners could be at your home or business at a time when it’s convenient for you.

Getting your rugs professionally cleaned can pull out old pet hair, accumulated dirt and bacteria.

A professional steam cleaning can make you feel pretty good about how clean they are.

Dependable Santa Ana Rug Cleaners

Prices on rug cleaning are somewhat standard in our area, there isn’t much difference between what different local companies charge.

Prices are basically charged by the number of rooms. Conventional furniture moving is included. Optional extras can be added if you want.

Unless you have an unusual situation at your house, you will know what the price will be right from the start.

Carpet Cleaning Cost Estimates Near Downtown and the Suburbs

If you’d like your rugs cleaned up, you can get somebody to your SoCal home whenever you want.

If you can give them a brief call, they will answer any question you have and provide you with the exact cost for your house.

Can I Clean it Myself to Save Some Money?

There are places that rent these rug shampoo machines. You can pick one up and do it yourself.

Operating one of these rented machines is not hard, but if you haven’t worked with one before, it’s easy to make a mistake.

An experienced specialist knows how to get the job done right without soaking your carpet and pad or making a small stain even worse.

Why Call In a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

What are the advantages of a professional cleaner? Here’s a few:

  • No residue left behind – not harmful to pets or kids
  • Deep cleaning process takes away dirt and pet hair
  • No bad detergent smells left afterwards
  • Natural Products – No harsh chemicals
  • Steam cleaner dries fast
  • Best hope for big stain removal
  • Cleans more thorough than a rented machine can

Couches and Big Area Rugs

Once your wall to wall carpeting is done, they can turn their focus to any upholstery or area rugs if you want.

It doesn’t take kids or indoor pets long to make our couch or chairs somewhat dirty. They will hand clean them and make them fresher.

Dog or Cat Stain Cleaning

If you have tried removing cat or dog urine stains and odors, you know how hard that can be.

Many indoor dog and cat spots can be removed. But if your cat or dog keeps going on the same spot, those stains and odors may get too strong to successfully get rid of.

Sometimes a commercial cleaning will fix your issue, but other times the problem can’t be eliminated.

When a pet routinely uses the same spot, the padding underneath can get permanently soiled and harmed. Shampooing it could help for a short time, but it won’t make the rug and pad new again.

Helpful Appointments Based On Your Schedule

Weekdays are when most service calls happen. But they can often be flexible with an early evening or Saturday visit.

It’s possible some appointments can be arranged soon too.

When you need some cleaning help – just call. That’s what they’re here for.

Local Cleaners You Can Trust To Do a Good Job

The outcomes are usually pretty good. Most homeowners are happy with how it turns out.

House owners, renters or professional building managers should call for easy service.

Modest jobs or large projects, they are able to do them all.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Call for information or ask for a quote.

You can get started if you live close to downtown Santa Ana, the Civic Center, City Hall, Lacy, Willard, Logan, Artesia Pilar, Casa Bonita, Central City, Pico-Lowell, Henninger Park, French Park, Flower Park, Washington Square or Santa Ana High School or College.

Cleaners head out to all the suburbs and nearby communities too – East Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, North Santa Ana, Northeast Santa Ana, Orange, South Coast Metro, Tustin and West Santa Ana.


Happy to Help in These OC Communities

  • Downtown and Civic Center area
  • Lacy and Willard
  • Logan and Artesia Pilar
  • Casa Bonita and Central City
  • Pico-Lowell
  • Henninger, French and Flower Park
  • All Santa Ana California suburbs


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