Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Near Woodbridge

Does your home have a messy carpeting situation?

Don’t simply endure it – get yours taken care of.

Why not get the process started.

Central Irvine Professional Rug Cleaner Service

Set up an appointment for a good cleaner, using pet friendly solutions, out to your place when it’s convenient for you.

A professional deep clean takes out stains, pet dander and old-fashioned dirt.

We all feel much better when our carpets and couches are as clean as they possibly can be.

Woodbridge Affordable Carpet Cleaner

Rug cleaning costs don’t fluctuate very much from one service to another.

Basic prices are quoted by the number of rooms to be cleaned. Further charges can be added for pieces of furniture or other upgrades.

Most companies have straight up pricing. This way, you will know the cost before the work is begun.

Rug Cleaning Costs and Quotes

If you’re wondering what the price would be for a house like yours in Orange County, just ask.

It’s easy to get an estimate for your home. All you have to do is call. They just need to find out how big your job will be.

Renting My Own Machine

If you need to save a little money, you can rent a rug shampoo machine and do the job yourself.

You don’t have to be a real rocket scientist to clean your carpets with a rental machine, but lots of folks end up creating a blunder they later regret.

An experienced specialist knows how to complete the task right without drenching your carpet and pad or making a small stain worse.

Why Should a Professional Clean At Your Home

Some popular features of employing a professional service:

  • Best way to take on pet stains
  • Green products – No bad chemicals
  • Cleans deeper than a rental shampooer can
  • Penetrating clean removes bacteria and dust mites
  • Floors dry fast
  • No strong detergent smells left afterwards
  • No cleaner residue – not harmful to pets or kids

Furniture Gets Dirty Sometimes Too

When they’re at your house, they will get to work on any chairs, couches or area rugs which need some help.

When you’ve got kids or pets, your furniture might be needing a little cleaning too. They can do that.

Removing Dog or Cat Odors

Odors and stains from cats or dogs can be the hardest spots to get out of your carpets.

Rug cleaning products are often effective in removing one-time pet stains and odors.

But when a dog or cat soils the same areas multiple times, that’s when it becomes difficult.

There are situations when dog or cat urine smells and spots can’t be pulled out. When a rug gets used repeatedly, it can wreck the rug and the padding underneath it.

Having it shampooed might help for a brief time, but it won’t make it like new condition again.

Why Not Get an Appointment Set Up

Most of the appointments are set for Monday through Friday, during the day.

If you aren’t at home during the day, a weekend or evening visit might be arranged.

Your cleaners recognize that some homeowners are in a hurry, so fast service calls are often available.

One call will start to handle it.

Get Those Rugs Looking Good Again

Your helpful technicians can get your carpets looking and smelling good again.

If you’re a house owner, renter or commercial property manager, they’re interested in working with you.

How To Get Started

No reason to wait? Just call.

A friendly cleaner can come out to your house near North Lake, South Lake, Woodbridge High School or Yale Loop.


Popular Areas for Service

  • North Lake
  • South Lake
  • Woodbridge HS
  • Yale Loop
  • Woodbridge CA
  • Other neighborhoods in the middle of Irvine


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